Tinky-Winky in WeHo

Santa Monica Blvd is gearing up for the annual Halloween street party tonight under today’s perfect Los Angeles rays. As I drove down it at 10am this morning, I saw stages and booths being set up and cones already in place for the street closing. So it shouldn’t have surprised me to spy a purple-fuzzied tinky-winky in full costume with headpiece. What really caught my eye though, were his purple ass-less chaps. I can only imagine what tonight will be on the street. I’ll see you there.

2 thoughts on “Tinky-Winky in WeHo”

  1. I saw Tinky Winky on Sat night at Mickey’s

    Tinky was wearing pink plastic pants under the purple chaps. I especially loved the purple purse.

  2. You caught me. He was wearing hot pink panties under the chaps. But I was just imagining what it was going to be like tonight – or maybe I’m “Castro”ifying it too much. Must be my NorCalness slipping in there.

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