Get Enlightened while Driving in LA: The Guide, part 1

LA is not called la la land for no reason. You can get your enlightenment in any flavor and there are many “gurus”, “guides” and “teachers” to “help” you reach it. And now, let me add myself to that list. I’ve stumbled upon a technique to bring blissful enlightened delight into your brain doing what you do every day: driving in Los Angeles.

Having a passion for pavement, driving gloves and my 5 speed convertible, I do not get excited by red in the streets. I want my adrenaline rush. I want to up shift, not brake.

And then it hits me. Can I sit in the mad LA traffic AND become enlightened at the same time? Yes! I can! And you can too! It’s true. 10 steps with a motorcycle rider extra credit and you’re the Dali Lama of LA roads, regardless of which one you’re stuck on.

Over next week or so, I’ll outline the 10 steps. To get started today, take the jump.

First off, some homework, in preparation for Step 1, which I will write about tomorrow.

There you are. You’re in your car (well, pretend you are in your car so you can remember this when you are actually in it).

  • What are you paying attention to?
  • Where is your focus?
  • Where are your hands?
  • Your eyes?
  • Your left foot?
  • What are you doing?
  • Are you talking on the cell phone,
  • skipping songs in your ipod,
  • drinking a bottle of water,
  • smoking a cigarette?
  • Are you looking at the wide load truck,
  • cursing out the bumpy roads,
  • looking at the hawk circling above the 10 as you drive downtown?

Ask yourself these questions the next time you are in your car. There are no wrong answers.

Thanks for playing!