For Steve Lopez, The Only Good Raccoon Is A Dead One

Fresh from hanging out with the homeless and destitute of downtown’s skid row, L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez has now turned his talents and today’s column to another dark side of city living: raccoons. Apparently Lopez and his daughter are fed up with the “cowardly” critters that have wreaked nocturnal havoc on his yard and garden — to the point that he’s flashing a hundie and willing to contract out a “professional,” if you get his drift… someone who’ll off of the pesky varmints, winkwink, nudgenudge, say no more.

Not that doing so would be in violation of any animal abuse/protection laws or nothing.

2 thoughts on “For Steve Lopez, The Only Good Raccoon Is A Dead One”

  1. Jeshii, if this entry is only marginally siding with the critters in question, you’ll want to check out this post of me being the patron saint of all things opossum:

    And I may have come on strong previously against the coyotes I found in my frontyard that I wrote about a couple months ago, but believe me, coyotes are one of my favorite animals and one of the ultimate survivors that have my utmost respect.

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