Choppers over Lincoln Heights?

At around 11 this morning, what looked like two military helicopters flew so low over my building that the windows shook (hell, it seemed like the whole place shook). They seemed like they were headed north. I’m not at all familiar with military aircraft but they looked kind of like this Blackhawk, but black. They were definitely not news choppers or anything commercial or civilian – they were obviously military. I just don’t know what model, and since I saw them from their underbellies I thought I’d try and identify them by in-flight photos. Anyone else see them or know what might have been going on?

3 thoughts on “Choppers over Lincoln Heights?”

  1. Saw them here in Glendale. Those were transport carriers and there were four of them. I watched them as they crested the hills of Griffith Park and then moved toward downtown L.A. At that point I expected them to bank left (north-east) toward the National Guard station here in Glendale but they kept flying south-east. Odd.

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