apple store coming to the valley

Need Apple shit but don’t want to drive to Pasadena or Glendale? Hate the Grove?

Then prepare to park it on the 101, my good friends, because the Apple Store is coming to Thousand Oaks.

Apple plans to open a new retail store this Saturday, October 29th at 10:00 AM in Thousand Oaks, CA. The Apple Store is located at 432 West Hillcrest Dr. in Thousand Oaks, on the Upper Level across from Express. As usual, the first 1000 visitors will be rewarded with commemorative t-shirts.

I hear the T-shirts scratch easily, though, so maybe it’s not worth the wait.

12 thoughts on “apple store coming to the valley”

  1. Wil,
    As a ‘burb dweller I take great offense to the fact that you called Thousand Oaks, “The Valley”. We pay a hell of alot of money for a house out here so that we don’t have that stench of “The Valley” clinging to our cherished BMW’s and custom made Coach leather Ipod cases. Calling Thousand Oaks “The Valley” is like, oh I don’t know, saying that The California Angels of Anaheim are actually from Los Angeles.


  2. I think Wil meant Napa Valley or San Joaquin Valley or wherever the hell Thousand Oaks is out there. And anyway everyone know it’s only been about 645 Oaks since the 101 Freeway went in way back when.

  3. Being known as “The Valley” is a compliment to your town overrun by trees that could possibly be poisonous! Whenever someone says “The Valley” anywhere in the world they know we mean the San Fernando Valley. That’s pretty cool. Almost as cool as when I refer to someone being on The Pill, people know I’m talking about birth control and not ibuprofen.

    I’m trying to be funny by stealing jokes from other people, I’m not actually dumb enough to think that poison oak has any relation to the oak tree. Thank you and good night.

  4. 998 Oaks (I’ve counted) is in Ventura County.
    Just remember you heard it here first:

    VC is the new OC!

  5. Thousand Oaks = rabbit valley

    Gregg is correct, Northridge is in the valley (go Moon Zappa!)

    The Apple store in Northridge is no more irritating than the one at the Grove

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