Update on the Lakers Blog

I made a post earlier questioning the “blogness” of a new blog launched by the LA Times specifically due to sugguestions that the site was being edited by several people other than the authors. One of the authors, Andrew Kamenetzky, just posted a comment about the situation and I think it’s worth posting here to explain things in more detail. He writes:

My name is Andrew Kamenetzky. My brother Brian and I are the writers for lakersblog.latimes.com. It seems a little silly that we’re being put in the position of having to defend ourselves against ìflogî accusations, since they come via conclusions reached without all the facts. But for the sake of righting the record, I felt a need to clarify how this blog works.

In terms of the “censorship” issue, this is the deal. Yes, there are people who will check out what we write. Thus, we can’t curse. We can’t write explicit X-rated material. We can’t make libelous, unfounded statements. Frankly, for a blog dealing with the Lakers, I don’t consider the first two restrictions particularly restrictive. The third one is just the law. Other than that, we’re pretty much free to say whatever we want.

The key phrase involved is ìsubject to editing.î Subject to editing and actually being edited to two entirely different things. Since our first post, nobody has changed ONE word of what we’ve written. These are our words, straight from our minds, fingertips and keyboards. So if you don’t like what we’re writing because you think itís bad, leave comments (that are printable) and we’ll publish them. We’re not above criticism. But if your gripe is that the work is filtered through a zillion channels, you’re unnecessarily pre-judging material you might otherwise enjoy.

So there it is. We’re not trying to “fool” anyone. It’s not a ìflog.î (Although I must admit, that’s a catchy term) For better or worse (hopefully better), itís always gonna be us doing the writing. We wouldnít have signed up for a blog where our opinions were asked for, then changed. Nor would we read a blog like that. And rest assured, you wonít have to, either.

Thanks so much for your time.

Andrew Kamenetzky