Dodger Stadium Getting a Facelift

I will refrain from commentary on how they should spend the money on some good players who don’t get injured in a stiff breeze (whoops, make that *extended* commentary) and simply point to the article on Los Angeles Dodgers announce off-season plans for Dodger Stadium improvements

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced plans for the second phase of their multi-year plan for ongoing improvements at Dodger Stadium. The multi-million dollar off-season construction project will include replacing the physical seats within the primary seating bowl utilizing the stadium’s original color palette; repairing and conducting maintenance on the concrete and structure within the seating bowl area; and introducing a traditional yet modern “box” seat concept within the baseline seating area….

4 thoughts on “Dodger Stadium Getting a Facelift”

  1. If the coming changes are along the lines of the “improvements” they made to the stadium’s field-level seating this year then their definition of the word differs from mine.

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