Romero’s So Cutting Edge They Oughta Call Him Razor Rick Ric

The good folks over at the Skunks of Los Feliz blog point to an online article by ABC7’s Rick Ric Romero in which the roving TV reporter immerses himself into that fresh underworld of… yep: blogging.

Some of his insights are effing hilarious:

“A blog is like your own personal soapbox. There are no rules. And you can use your blog to share thoughts, pictures, even video clips with friends and family thousands of miles away.”

“Blogging has become a place to voice your opinion on politics, share your favorite recipes or tell the the world about your travel experiences.”

“Even celebrities, like Barbra Streisand, have blogs to communicate with their fans.”

But my favorite is:

“To show you how quick the internet works I didn’t tell anyone about my new blogsite. but, within a few hours … three web surfers found it, and posted a note on my blog, welcoming me to the exploding blog community.”

Exploding blogs?

Next week Romero gives us the scoop on some more of his latest discoveries: sliced bread, Velcro, and clocks that you can wear on your wrist.

3 thoughts on “Romero’s So Cutting Edge They Oughta Call Him Razor Rick Ric”

  1. Wow… makes Kent Shocknek look like a blogging pioneer! Meanwhile, I wonder (a) where is Ric’s blog? They didn’t even link to it! What’s up with that?! and (b) Will Ric’s moustache also be getting a blog?

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