New Apples (Update!)…

Miles offered this update in the comments for last week’s entry about the new iMacs and iPod Videos:

Not sure if anyone is still reading this entry, but just to update anyone who is, the apple stores in L.A. now have the new Ipod’s in stock in a limited supply. Despite the message on the phone system, when I spoke with Northridge they had the 30GB in white and Glendale had the 30GB in black and the 60GB in white. It stands to reason that more prominent stores (Santa Monica, Century City, The Grove) would also have them

Anyway, I am now the proud ownwer of a 30GB in black and it is stunning! It makes my old (3 weeks old!) 20GB look like a brick! Now I just have to return my 20GB to Best Buy before the returns period ends!

Congrats, Miles, and thanks for commenting!

2 thoughts on “New Apples (Update!)…”

  1. called the grove store and they said they weren’t getting them in, but the century city store said they were sometime today. i’m heading over there during my lunch to (hopefully) pick one up.

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