So I was wondering what the heck was going on last night on the roof of the Alexandria Hotel which was illuminated for about 30 minutes with the NightSun from a circling LAPD bird. I tried to see what the action was all about through my trusty binoculars but I couldn’t quite see what was going on and I didn’t feel like getting out my scanner so I went to bed without knowing what was happening. This morning in a random LA RSS feed I saw this article about some wacko throwing bricks off the roof of the Alex. Thankfully nobody was injured but the suspect is still at large.

[Update] On my way back from the gym I walked past the Alexandria and in the gutter was half a freshly smashed brick, which I grabbed… I’ll take a pic later if anyone is interested.

[Update, now with photos] Here is a link to the photos of the brick.

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  1. Hey — I wanna see it too. Get home from work already ;)

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