I, for one, welcome our new watery overlords (Redux)…

Yeah, what Sean said. We finally got it out here in the west end of the San Fernando Valley last night.

I woke up at 2:00 AM to the sound of multiple lightning strikes and couldn’t go to bed for another hour or so. There was one lightning strike that was so cracklingly close, less than a mile away in fact, and so loud, that it really did sound like a large explosion had gone off right outside my window.

At least one car alarm went off as a result, but the dogs in the neighborhood were silent. Very unusual. I guess they were really spooked.

2 thoughts on “I, for one, welcome our new watery overlords (Redux)…”

  1. It’s rain. You act like it’s arrows falling from the air. Jeez. In case you forget, another part of the country got a significantly larger amount earlier this year.

  2. I do happen to live here, having moved here two years ago. So yes, I very much have the right (and am given plenty of reasons) to poke fun at you people. ;-)

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