Avoid The 5

A truck fire shut down the 5 near the 134 for most of the night, and this morning it’s still a parking lot. It took me almost an hour to go about 4 miles. I spent the ride bitching about people who forget how to drive in the rain, until I got up to the crash site and bit my tongue. There were multiple pieces of charred truck spread over the freeway. It looked like the set of a Terminator movie. The driver was killed, and a whole lotta gasoline was spilled.

Be careful out there today, folks.

2 thoughts on “Avoid The 5”

  1. Some comedian put it best when he said that Los Angeles traffic makes you a bad person. It’s the only time that you would ever say “There had better be an accident up there.” It turns you into someone that hopes people get injured, if only to explain why you’re late to your pilates class.

  2. I figured it was an accident – I headed up the 5 towards the Burbank airport this morning and it took me over half an hour to get from Main St. to Los Feliz, so I exited and took surface streets. I assumed it was a bad one. I had no idea it was this bad. Sad, and scary.

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