“W” Is For Weird

This has little to do with anything other than its the weirdest web thing that just happened. Looking for the forecast I typed “eather.com” into my browser instead of weather.com, saw the error of my ways and clicked the stop button before “eather.com” could load. Then I positioned the cursor to the right of the “e” to add the “w,” but what I ended up doing was highlighted the address so that when I typed the “w” everything else deleted and just the “w” was in the address box as I hit the return key.

In the next second the front page of www.whitehouse.gov is in my browser. Huh? So I did again: “w” then pressed enter = the whitehouse.gov website. WTF? So what happens with “a” + enter? That takes you to apple.com. B? Well of course, that’s btselem.com the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in Occupied Territories. Yikes! C is cspan.org. D give you dlink.com. Any guesses for “E?”
Duh: the online home of the E! TV network. F? G? T? And so on? Go find out for yourself.

I’ve been running around the internut for going on 11 years now and I never knew this. Please someone tell me I’m not the last person in the ether to discover this one-letter redirect function.

Oh and just for kicks: S? For some reason you end up at mcdonalds.com. I’m not lovin’ it.

4 thoughts on ““W” Is For Weird”

  1. I’m guessing you’re using Firefox, or possibly another browser whose search function uses Google. Go to Google and type in these same single letters, and hit “Google Search.” See the first link that comes up? Same results as just hitting Go.

    Firefox’s search function takes you to the first link google finds based on what you typed in the address bar, I think.

    Just a guess.

    p.s.: I can’t seem to be able to use the name of Google’s other search option in my post here, as its name is considered “questionable content.” Hm. Interesting filter.

  2. Yeah, thats Mos Def a Firefox thing. It also really annoying when you are typing an address in that is in your history and it preloads under the address bar, then you select and hit enter only to have it redirect to the first 3 letters you typed.

    Satellite pictures will do you better than weather.com will anyway.

  3. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off by typing “about:config” into the address bar, going down to the “keyword.URL” key, and modifying the key to read “false.”

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