Virgin Megastore, Hollywood & Highland…

With the grand opening of the Virgin Megastore at the Hollywood and Highland Complex on Monday afternoon (so it’s best to avoid that area altogether), just a few blocks away from Amoeba Records, I could see the two retailers competing for in-store performances and autograph signings, but the reality is that their customer-base seems to be vastly different.

In fact, judging by its upcoming appearance schedule, that certainly seems to be the case, as Virgin seems to be aiming for pop culture and entertainment instead of just musicians:

– September 17th: Grand Opening, with performances by Dredg, Gang of Four, and INXS (with the new lead singer, JD Fortune).

– September 18th: Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door (Holly, Bridget, and Kendra) Playboy signing.

– September 22nd: Ashlee Simpson I Am Me CD signing.

– November 8th: Margaret Cho performance and Assassins DVD signing.