The Hungry Cat Brunch

There’s something sweet and mellow about going to brunch on Sunday morning…whether it’s rolling out of bed with your lover and starting the day over food someone else has prepared or hangin’ with your girlfriends and catching up on the latest gossip…it’s all good. Today for the second Sunday in a row, I tried a new-to-me place in Hollywood that’s been open for a little less than a year, The Hungry Cat on Sunset and Vine. It’s tucked away behind the Borders and new Schwab’s and it’s a sweet find. A couple of my friends told me dinner was great, but brunch hit the spot too. It’s a bit pricey, but the food really is worth it. Last week, my boyfriend and I hit it after a very late night out and it really delivered. Today, a friend and I split a lobster roll and a a really great egg over brioche and salmon…both were great. She had a bellini with fresh peach juice and I had a just squeezed orange, lime and pomegrante juice. And the espresso was perfect. Yum!

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