King Of Free Media?


With Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed “King of All Media,” making his move from traditional terrestrial radio to Sirius satellite radio in early January, David Lee Roth appears to be his replacement in New York while Adam Carolla appears to be his replacement here in L.A.

Meanwhile, Mancow is apparently telling radio listeners that Howard’s successor is already here, as evidenced by billboards that’ve been recently placed around town.

6 thoughts on “King Of Free Media?”

  1. Haven’t seen those yet here in Chicago. Thank god, cuz I’d have to pull over to the side of whatever road I’m on and puke the place up.

  2. Is that the same DJ who pulled that getting a haircut that created a traffic jam stunt up on the Bay Bridge about… 10 years ago or so? If so, is he still as retarded?

  3. Mancow Is Not An Idiot. Listen to what he has to say and you might learn somthing that makes you wonder about the way different Industries work and how the govenrment has pulled the wool over our eyes.

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