Are The Squirrels Trying To Tell Us Something?

With today’s taste of unseasonal weather the squirrels have suddenly been much busier around the house hauling in their food stashes nestled in the crooks of tree branches and moving them to more accessible and/or drier storage facilities. Wonder if this foretells of a winter wet as the last one. Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but the squirrels sure ain’t.


4 thoughts on “Are The Squirrels Trying To Tell Us Something?”

  1. Well, all animals are hypersensitive to impending climate change. Did you witness this behavior just before the winter and spring rains began last year?

  2. Thinking about it Rodger, I didn’t see this same behavior last year. Not that it didn’t happen, it’s just that there’s definitely an increased supply of stuff the squirrels like to eat (perhaps as a result of last season’s near-record rainfall). So it may very well have been occuring last winter but on a smaller scale as this time around there’s a bunch more grub that they’re hoarding.

  3. I just turned on KCAL 9, Will, and, lo and behold, sounds like we have a contender of a storm coming in for the next two days with thunderstorms and flash flood watches. So, looks like those squirrels know a little something after all.

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