Wireless classrooms

I know not all UCLA buildings are wireless hotspots, but I love the fact that my buidling is. Even though I’m in class right now, I can check my email when the conversation gets boring and see what’s up for the weekend on b.la.

However, some profs might not like it.

I wonder if other LA-area institutions of higher education (or K-12 schools) are equipped with wireless network access around campus.

3 thoughts on “Wireless classrooms”

  1. Yeah, Loyola Law School in downtown has equipped its entire campus with wi-fi capability, only users must enter a password to gain access.

  2. USC has had WIFI in most classrooms for I think two years now. Definitely hasn’t been good for my paying attention in classes, but I’ve gotten a lot done. -e;

  3. the middle school that i teach at is completely wired for wifi, and have been so for about 5 years. i’m sure the neighbors are taking it from us, just as i do when my wifi at home is down.

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