Oh Christ! That guy again?

Robertson_dancer.jpgIndeed it is that guy again.

The folks at Losanjealous have captured him on film in all of his Robertson Danciness. Yes, it’s the Robertson Dancer. Back when I worked near Robertson I’d see this guy on a daily basis. Every day more crazy than the last. If for some reason none of this is making sense to you then it’s a safe bet that you’ve never driven down Robertson between Wilshire and Beverly when the sun was out, because otherwise you would have seen this guy, in spandex and rollerblades, getting his crazy ass dance on. I’m sure there’s someone who has some backstory on this guy right?

6 thoughts on “Oh Christ! That guy again?”

  1. Never seen that guy, but I’ve been trying to capture the Sunset Dancer dude who I’ve spotted on several occasions around the junction area: dark hair, pencil thin ‘stache, boom box. Spins around a lot. FREAKY.

  2. When I was at Hard Rock I saw this guy every day. Here’s something I think is funny. I don’t know what he tells them his location is, but he used to order food for delivery all the time. I watched him receive food from a delivery guy more than once.

  3. i used to see this guy every day when i lived around the corner on almont and wilsher….i still haven’t heard what his story is but he has been there for years…..

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