FAB Market Tomorrow

fab.gifSelah Artistic Giving Center is hosting their seasonal marketplace for the arts, FAB Market, downtown tomorrow. The event is at 330 Santa Fe from 12-9PM. Selah does some interesting stuff, but they really, really need to get on top of their PR. Don’t go looking at their website for more info about this, because the last one they have any info about is from July. Instead, click the thumb on the right for the backside of their flyer.

4 thoughts on “FAB Market Tomorrow”

  1. slap me a new one! i will be there, and also the LA Burningman Decompression is happening in the same area on the same day. So DOUBLE ROCKING.

  2. I’ll be there at the SuperLuckyCat booth selling samples and overcuts for $10.00 – $40.00. Did I mention that our usual retail prices are $60.00 – $200.00. Come on down and entertain me. I’ve got my iPod, my Nintendo Game Boy but the batteries swon’t make it for 9 hours.

    See ya there!

  3. 5000 – What’s $15.00? Your the owner of Tokyo Farm!
    Now that your a rich design firm owner you can start splurging!

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