What’s going on on Barham?

I got calls from 3 of our team members who are heading over the hill to a meeting at one of the lots on Burbank and they said that there is some sort of emergency that is preventing them from making the right on to Barham into Burbank.



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  1. I live right off Barham on Lake Hollywood and there are fairly often car accidents round the crest of the hill. There was one last week that took out half of the bus stop.

    Could be the case now. Either that or my apartment is on fire…….

  2. My girlfriend just called and told me that a motorcyclist was knocked off his bike and killed outside a liquor store on Barham, which must be ‘The house of Ambrose’ at Barham & Lake Hollywood. Hence the snarl up.

    Obviousley the loss of life is tragic and I would imagine the area will be pretty backed up for a while.

  3. A 27 year-old Glendale motorcyclist sustained massive injuries incompatible with life when his motorcycle collided with a passenger car. Despite the efforts of a veteran team of Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics, he was declared deceased shortly after arrival at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. No other injuries were reported. LAPD is handling the investigation.

  4. Well, to give anyone a traffic update. I just got home and traffic was pretty backed up around Warner Bros. in Burbank, but once past Lakewood Dr, it’s clear and the accident seems to have been cleared up, so my guess is it should be back to normal soon.

  5. “sustained massive injuries incompatible with life”

    NICE. I’m going to try to use that next time I have to write a story.

  6. No need to apologize for the duty-speak. I was pretty impressed with that particular turn of phrase, too.

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