What Does Live/Work Really Mean?

I am so totally ready to move. We’ve been talking to the mortgage broker, shopping around for agents, all the good stuff you have to do to sell a house, and we’ve been really seriously discussing moving into downtown. But boy-oh-boy is that a can of worms. As with most downtown renovations, all those “live/work artist’s lofts” are more like “live/lounge yuppie lofts.” Contrary to marketing tradition, a lack of walls doesn’t automatically make a space a workable artist’s loft and we’re having a really hard time finding anything that’s not really just a lux condo in disguise. I mean, places like the Eastern Columbia are beautiful, but they not even close to being a working space. And I’m not interested in paying HOA dues out the ass for a bunch of services (valet parking?) that I don’t want. The Molino Street Lofts sounded pretty cool, but they’re all sold out now. So, does anybody have any special insight into the labyrinthine world of downtown L.A. development? Are there any cool projects or areas that I don’t know about that I should? Gimme some hot tips, downtown dwellers!

3 thoughts on “What Does Live/Work Really Mean?”

  1. What about in the artist district? I can’t say any specific buildings but when I was down there last there were at least live work spaces for rent in the 2-5K square footage. Could be a place to start your drive…

  2. Patrick beat me to it: Artist District would be a good place to check out. But beyond that, condolences. I’m sorry the hassles at your present present place never flattened out.

  3. there’s been a lag on bringing new units online in the artist district; however, you will see another batch come online within the next year if you can wait; The Eastern Columbia and Molino Street Lofs are both by The KOR Group who according to their website has a live/work building under construction in Silver Lake if you want to head west. As far as for sale lofts downtown they are mostly sold out, you can rent a space somewhere and wait until more buildings are available.

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