¿Que Pasa Aquí?

Here are some things I have been meaning to post about starting with tonight in Hollywood at the former Martini Lounge, now The Larchmont on Melrose East of Vine is Respect, LA’s longest running Drum’n’Bass club, will be host to A-Sides from Metalheadz / East Side Records out of the UK.

If you agree that not all street art blows, this Sunday at New Image Art on Santa Monica and Fairfax you should check out the Skullphone, Bäst and Faile show. You will be treated to a special feature in the bathroom, UNATION of San Pedro.

Also this Saturday, BETALEVEL the new incarnation of the c-level collective, will be hosting another Swap Meet in their back alley subterranean lair in Chinatown where you can experience piracy and karaoke in a convivial atmosphere.

The Downtown LA Farmer’s Market is going to keep going for the next 6 months which totally rocks for me as it is almost as good as having a supermarket in walking distance, because driving 10 minutes to get decent groceries sucks.

The 8th season of Downtown on Ice at Pershing Square starts the 17th of November so if you want skate on an elevated platform of ice above the grass in balmy 80 degree “winter” weather, hop on the Red Line and come on down. The skating is available from 9am to 10pm on Friday through Sunday and from noon ’till nine the rest of the week and will run you $6 for an hour of skating and $2 to rent a pair of skates which you won’t need, because you, like all angelinos, own at least one pair of ice skates.

At the California Science Center you can check out the IMAX 3D Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D produced by Tom Hanks, the film uses unreleased footage from NASA which will enable you to “witness what 12 extraordinary astronaughts saw, heard, felt, thought and did” screening all day from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23 at the Festival of Flight, admission is gratis, though parking will run you $6.

Oh and this relates to LA because Spike Lee is quoted talking about Chinatown, the great old movie about LA, but really this link should be on the nola mblog.

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