New Apples…

Out of curiosity, and still in the grip of Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field from his new product announcements, I went to a local Apple Store last night to see when the new hardware would arrive.

New iMacs? Within two days.
New iPods? No clue. Could be as soon as today.

UPDATE: Macintouch posted an update on Saturday:

[Robert Mohns] Apple Northshore has updated their outgoing phone message. The new iPod and iMac will be available on Tuesday, October 25th. Stock is expected to be limited.

[chas B] The store lists shipping in 5-7 day for the video iPod, but my order from yesterday has an estimated ship date of 10/27/05. This is nearly 2 weeks. What is up with their estimates?

UPDATE: Be sure to check Miles’ comments below for an update on the availability of the new iPods.

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  1. i went to the apple store in the grove at lunch yesterday, and a guy there said the new ipods weren’t due until the last week of october…

    who said the ipods would be there today?

  2. I went to the one in Northridge, and it was a guy behind the cashier counter. Keep in mind that he did say he had no clue before guessing that it could be as soon as today.

    Which countered what Steve Jobs said yesterday when he mentioned them shipping next week, as well as the online Apple Store which says 5-7 business days.

  3. when i watched the video sell-a-thon sales pitch yesterday I think i recall jobs saying that the ipods were shipping from asia in 7 days… so they should be in stores next weekend. the new imacs though are shipping yesterday from asia.

  4. I called the stores at Northridge, The Grove, 3rd Street Promenade, South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island and all of them gave me roughly the same answer:

    “We haven’t even been given a firm answer yet, but I’d say you might want to try calling back on Tuesday the 18th or Wednesday the 19th.”

    They all didn’t say exactly that, but that’s a pretty close synopsis of the conversations I had. One of the gals also mentioned that people who order them online in the next day or so will probably get them before the stores do.

  5. Not sure if anyone is still reading this entry, but just to update anyone who is, the apple stores in L.A. now have the new Ipod’s in stock in a limited supply. Despite the message on the phone system, when I spoke with Northridge they had the 30GB in white and Glendale had the 30GB in black and the 60GB in white. It stands to reason that more prominent stores (Santa Monica, Century City, The Grove) would also have them

    Anyway, I am now the proud ownwer of a 30GB in black and it is stunning! It makes my old (3 weeks old!) 20GB look like a brick! Now I just have to return my 20GB to Best Buy before the returns period ends!

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