Google Map Hack of Culver City Art Galleries


Caryn mentioned this the other day but I thought I wanted to gush over it a little more. As many of you know a few months back we moved sixspace into a cluster of galleries in Culver City. Since then the question we’ve been asked most is “Where are the other galleries I can walk to?” So the other day we decided to print up some maps and also put something online. A trip to Dotster, a new Upcoming group and a little back and forth with fellow B.laer eecue who helped out with the Google Map Hackage and was born. The focus here is the galleries in the few blocks around Venice/La Cienega/Washington but you can also zoom out and see the ones downtown and in other parts of Culver City. The funny thing is, at the rate galleries are moving to this area this thing is going to be out of date in a few weeks! Good stuff.