California Death Penalty Update

According to this post by Gloria Mattioni, California may host several executions next year. This kind of thing makes me sick because there are many shades to the “truth” and they get twisted into the most contorted shapes in a trial. She writes,

“So here we are again, ready to show once more the evolutionary face of civilized America. We put people to death, as in the most primitive and barbarian societies Worse, we do that despite evidence uncovered several times that there have been mistakes in sentencing people. Mistakes with the “penalty” of innocents losing their life.

The execution in itself is the most pornographic show I happened to witness. Relatives of the victim and tv cameras are admitted behind a glass to watch the inmate arriving in chains, being strapped to a hospital bed and killed in a surgical and aseptic way. The “cruelty free” method of choice is the three-way lethal injections, like an animal in a cage. Horrific is the only adjective that comes to my mind.

Roman gladiators combats were not as porn as this “civilized” show.”

She goes on to share the letter from the state and how you can share your views on this to the state.

4 thoughts on “California Death Penalty Update”

  1. A person on death row is released (on average) about once every 10 weeks because they are found to be innocent.

  2. DB: Thats the only reason I oppose death penalties, and a very, very compelling case.
    But for some reason, some people feel that a few dead innocents is merely collateral damage.

  3. David Mason attacked my grandfather back in the early 80’s. He had been on a killing spree in the Bay Area back then, preying and killing the elderly. There was a fight and my gramps was able to beat him off. Then the cops came and there was a big shootout in the street. I remember that night clearly. We lived closeby and I recall my mom on the phone with my aunt, who was hysterical at this point, trying to figure out what was going on. We could hear the gunshots easily. To this day I can still remember the repeated blasts in the still night. Remarkably he escaped but was later caught, tried, AND executed. The terror he caused my family was unspeakable. He got what he deserved, death. His acts affected my grandfather for the rest of his life. The cop that got in the shootout is now writing a book about his experience with Mason. It is very very unfortunate that some innocent people are put to death, the system needs changing. However, for the truly guilty monsters that commit the worst crimes there is no better punishment.

  4. LA Voice also has a decent post up right now about the death penalty and an argument against it:
    “…a central flaw in California’s death penalty system: It’s so slow as to be almost pointless.”

    Paul, while I agree some people are better off dead, that even a single person is ever killed for a crime they did not commit should be enough reason to never support the death penalty. By its very nature, the legal system is and always will be flawed. Meaning innocents will always be put in jail, and as long as there is a death penalty, they will always be killed.

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