9 thoughts on “video iPod”

  1. If anyone finds a store carrying them, let me know! I’m off to India in a week and this would be a must have for the long flight!

  2. Hmmm, maybe Maxim videos, since I’ll be out in public. Although there’s no denying that there will be a market for mobile/PSP/iPod porn!

  3. Saturday, the day the original ipod hit the Apple store I bought one, loaded it up and flew to NYC that evening. No more carrying CD’s. I knew this was the music player that I had waited for all my life.

    iPod video, what the heck am I going to do with it? Watch music videos? NOT. Watch TV shows, or movies? NOT, the screen is to small. It’s not even worth bringing on a plane. The screen is so small that you will have to hold it up to your face. Try that for a two hour movie. How can this be better than a laptop w/ an extra battery? Laptop is bigger but I’ve got games, internet, movies, work stuff and everything else.

    I’d rather have an iPod photo with a high rez built in camera. Would kick as on my Treo 650 camera. I’m going to wait until Apple starts their own phone service and put’s my Treo 650 to shame with the device to end all devices.

    FYI, just to make sure that y’all know that I’m no futurist. In 1988 I saw my first mobile phone in use. It was the size of a brick. The guy picked up a call, started talking, I turned to my friends and said “thats the stupidist thing I’ve ever seen, no one needs to talk on the phone that much”

    Nuff said, just my .06

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