Unintentionally Humorous Business Names

van.jpgIt was a double-whammy this morning in terms of drive-bys of company vehicles sporting somewhat dubious business names. First came the van on Fletcher near Riverside plastered with Fussy Painting. I’ve seen these guys around the Silver Lake area before and I don’t know if it’s some latent dyslexia but every time I’ve spotted them I involuntarily swap the first letters of the company’s moniker and do a spit take wondering if Pussy Fainting is a condition suffered by certain breeds of feline, or something far, far more personal. And private.

Stuck in traffic north on the 5 Freeway a minute or two later, I then found myself passing a fume-belching, tanker truck whose rear end was lettered large with CARRS WASTE OIL. Spelling error aside I agreed with what I thought was a fair environmental statement, albeit one posted in a rather ironic location — until it dawned on me the statement itself was ironic: Carrs Waste Oil is a disposal service based in Inglewood.

Photo from Fussy Painting website.