cool weather returns

I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather of late. As much as I love the sunny and mild climate of our city of the Queen of Angels, I miss the opportunity to layer.

When I moved to LA from the Bay Area, I had to completely modify my wardrobe and style of dressing. I had become accustomed to leaving the house with at least three layers. It went a little like this: light tank top, button up business shirt, leather jacket, scarf (always a scarf). The leather jacket, scarf and business shirt would inevitable come off at lunch when the sun burned off the fog, only to return on the evening commute.

However here in LA, there is really no reason to layer. It’s just sunny gorgeous weather. Imagine my awkwardness leaving the house wearing only a t-shirt and taking no jacket. I felt naked and exposed.

So the last few days of cool have given me the opportunity to bring out my favorite layering items. Black sweaters over white wife beaters, worn-out zip hoodies, broken-in leather jackets, I’m even eyeing my scarf collection and looking forward to the rain.

4 thoughts on “cool weather returns”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Having moved here from London 18 months ago I was iniatlly thrilled with the non stop sun, warmth and blue skies. But now I crave some actual “weather” and the cooler days remind me off home…..come on rain!!

  2. Wow – I could have posted the same thing 5 years ago when I moved to SoCal. I always want to grab a jacket, even now!

  3. I have a bunch of clothes I haven’t been able to wear yet this year. I actually wore a blazer out today. Kinda nice to have more than shirt/jeans combo.

  4. Cold enough to layer? HERE? Where in LA have you been living in the past week, the Alpine Village? Non-Valley folks are odd.

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