But I’m Not Gonna Let Them Catch Me, No

bikeparty.jpgThe word is out! The theme for the Bicycle Kitchen’s monthly Midnight Ridazz bike tour this Friday’s eve is Dead Theatre Ryde and you’re urged to join in this spooktacular spin as either your favorite deceased thespian or otherwise creepy character.

The nightbiking masses will commence huddling at 9:30 p.m. at the corner of Sunset and Echo Park boulevards for a 10 p.m. departure on an 18-miler that is reported to feature “one BIG hill into Angelino Heights” and “two BIG descents” and I’d expect will include pedaling pilgrimages to some of downtown’s once-storied theatrical venues.

Should be dramatic. I’m clueless as to a costume yet hopeful I can find a Buster Keaton mask… or maybe I’ll just wear Lycra (yikes!). But whether disguised or I’m not gonna let that stop me from rolling in my first Ridazz. Anyone else in?

5 thoughts on “But I’m Not Gonna Let Them Catch Me, No”

  1. Naw, but thanks. It’s too blown up now, with noobs getting in fights with drivers, people acting like jerks. Unfortunately, publicity doesn’t always equal good times. I give up on Ridazz…
    Hopefully it’ll come back someday.

  2. Dagnabbit, I gotta be up bright-tailed and bushy-eyed for a panel in Fullerton the next morning, or I’d be all over it. Safe ride, and have fun.

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