Yo ho ho

LAist points to what might just be the coolest shop in the whole world…well, definitely in Southern CA anyway. It’s called Pirated in Plunder and makes Whittier a new destination. Arrrr indeed.

6 Replies to “Yo ho ho”

  1. Arrrrrrrrr! That store drives me nuts! (Sorry, couldn’t resist…tee hee!) Thanks for putting the wind in my sails Caryn. (Okay…I’ll stop).

  2. Which would have been awesome if not brought to everyone’s attention in the comments! But, of course, pirates are one of my three pieces ever – the other two being zombies and minpins.

  3. Off topic -> How is it that the folks at LAist seem to be able to take a good natured ribbing better than the readers?

    On topic -> How in the world do you make a full time living selling pirate stuff? That’s some serious niche-marketing.

  4. Dave – well, now you just have to plan for another pirate party! Forget birthdays, pirates are good for celebrating any day of the week. But “pirates for hire” – damn life can be sweet!

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