Sisyphus wept

48725647_278939b7a4_m.jpg A couple of weekends ago, my brother-in-law, my dog, and I were out hiking some pretty good-sized hills. We had just reached the top of one particularly steep one when we found, as pictured in this photo (click for larger), a treadmill.

Now, I will not offer conjecture as to why someone would go to the trouble of dumping a treadmill in the middle of nowhere (why not ‘dump’ it at Goodwill or wherever?), but to go to the trouble of lugging a not-light piece of exercise equipment up a big hill seems to indicate a deep-seated, pathological hatred of the device. It’s not like there was a parking lot at the bottom of the hill, either — the nearest road is at least a half-hour away. This took some doing, in other words.

Of course, the owner could have driven their 4×4 up here and dumped the thing, but I prefer the notion of someone so disgusted with their exercise program or the treadmill itself that they dragged it up into the hills to be rid of it.

2 thoughts on “Sisyphus wept”

  1. Perhaps the act of climbing the hill was not strenuous enough so someone wanted to run on a treadmill once they reached the top.

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