No Touchy, No Money…

Via NBC4:

The Los Angeles Police Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a proposed ordinance that would ban contact between dancers and strip club patrons. …

Los Angeles police are having difficulty enforcing a “no-touch” rule passed by the City Council in 2003 because the measure does not establish a specific distance that dancers must maintain from strip club patrons.

The city’s current Adult Entertainment Ordinance, adopted Jan. 11, 2004, requires strip club patrons to be 18 years or older and calls for state-certified security guards to work at the venues. Strip clubs must also undergo annual Police Commission permit reviews. In addition, private viewing booths are banned.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in June upheld a La Habra city ordinance that requires dancers to perform at least 2 feet away from strip club patrons and prohibits physical contact.

The court said it upheld the La Habra ordinance because it decreased the exchange of drugs and money at strip clubs.

What’s the point of going to a strip club if you can’t get lap dances?

5 thoughts on “No Touchy, No Money…”

  1. I expect that we’ll see bigger and better open buffets and all you can eat buffalo wings at Spearmint Rhino…

    In all sincerity, expect a rise (no pun intended) in prostitution – both workers and clients – as strip clubs become more regulated.

  2. Unsom: Oh absolutely, you hit the nail on the head. Not only that, but as business goes down at strip clubs within the affected area, business will go up outside the area as well.

    CD: The primary reason guys go to strip clubs is to get that physical one-on-one contact with the dancers there… i.e. “The Girlfriend Experience.” Without that, you might as well stay home and watch porn on your computer or TV.

  3. this is going to make it much harder to score crack from strippers which will make the baby jesus cry.

    personally i am not a regular strip club patron, having been to a total of 3 strip clubs in my life and never experiencing a lap dance I can’t say this has me up in arms, but it will make it much harder for all these strippers to pay for their schooling. btw the only strip club i ever went to that wasn’t totally depressing was Jumbo’s clown room.

  4. How ever will these girls buy textbooks for medical and law school? Did the City ever consider the impact on the education sector?

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