I Do Not Heart Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenpooper ruined halftime during Monday Night Football in San Diego last night by making an appearance in the booth with announcer Al Michaels. Ever the tapdancing elephant, when asked by Michaels if L.A. will ever see a pro football team again, Achtung Ahnold, I guess wary of alienating anymore of the the rest of the state he hijacked in 2003, said he hoped so but that being the governor of California and not just Los Angeleeez, wherever a team ended up in the state would be fantastic.

What a transparent monodimensional tool. As if Eureka or Fresno or Redding or the effing Salton Sea are throwing their hats into the NFL ring. Way to politicize something entirely not, Arn.

Now this morning on the front page of the Times’ California section I’m seeing a picture of U.S. Sen. John “What The Fuck Is He Doing Here” McCain shucking and jiving with the governator in Burbank and reading that he’s been given a reach around and thus decided to help Ahnold push the ballot measures being crammed down our throats with next month’s mazillion-dollar special election. McCain was quoted as saying Arnie’s “got the guts to take on the special interests.”

No doubt about that Johnnie Come Lately. Arnie’s repeatedly shown he has the intestinal fortitude to climb right into bed with them. Now go mind your own damn state, will you?

UPDATE (10/13): Rather than waste an entire entry let me add this in here in case some troll attempts to pick a fight for bagging on Republican Sen. Mccain from Arizona for butting into California politics, but not Democratic Sen. John Kerry from Massachusetts who today announced his opposition to Proposition 75 at a downtown rally. Kerry is hereby invited to whistle up a razorblade rope and get back to his home state as well.

4 thoughts on “I Do Not Heart Arnold Schwarzenegger”

  1. You appear to have a slight issue with California’s governor. At least, I got a vibe to that effect.

    The real question is though, how often does this, or really any state’s governor or policies, etc actually affect you? I’ve lived in 4 different states, with wildly different leaders and policies, and my day to day life has been no different in any of them.

  2. I can echo your sentiments on the irritating nature of our local regime. It’s maddening to see every-day local issues turned into such meaningless jargon in the mouths of these morons. Also, while I find McCain occasionally respectable, he really does have no business here, especially not stroking the ego of our inept governor.

    And in response to Todd – the policies inacted by this state administration have HUGE effects on us. The relaxation of environmental standards, the reduction of funding for state schools, the complete failure to adequately allocate funds… hell, just go talk to your average UCLA student and ask them about tuition.

  3. You guys chould check out “Kali-fornia Uber Alles 21st Century” on the new Melvins & Jello Biafra collaboration. Jello really does a number on old Arnold!

  4. Will, I’m nominating this post for Best Opening Paragraph of the Year. Maybe ever.

    Damn, boy, you made me laugh out f**king loud.

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