Candy Mash-up

moviecandy.JPGI’m always trying new taste sensations, mixing flavors you might not usually think to mix. My favorite flavor mash-up is Hot Tamales and Junior Mints. Get refrigerated Junior Mints if you can. Place a couple mints in one cheek and Hot Tamales in the other. Slowly roll the Hot Tamale between your teeth until the spicy cinnamon starts to heat up your month. Then move your tongue over to the Junior Mint side, where the chocolate has been melting and bring it to the center of your mouth where you can blend the smooth chocolate creaminess with the gelatin cinnamon sweet. Swallow, rinse, repeat.

2 thoughts on “Candy Mash-up”

  1. Aw, Hex, I’ve spent the whole day trying come up with something witty to say and I’ve got nothin!

    Cool idea though. I’ve never combined disparate flavors like that before. I’m an old fashioned peanutbutter and chocolate girl.

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