No Scoop Here: Just Ice Cream Nirvana

fosselmans.jpgFirst off, I swear I have not blognapped my esteemed fellow contributors and tied them up in the basement. Seriously, I don’t know where the hell they all went and didn’t invite me, but I’m not purposefully bogarting the boards. It just so happens I did shit this weekend and feel like sharing it.

Anyway, last shout out I want to give is to the venerable Fosselman’s Ice Cream Company in Alhambra. Yeah, I know… I know: absolutely everybody has heard of or has been to the venerable 81-year-old parlor, but today just happens to have been my very first visit to the place. Why so long? Couldn’t really tell ya, but I had a hankering for some of their stuff that wouldn’t be denied ó especially since I found on their website that the time for pumpkin ice cream was here. But instead of going cone, I went malt ó specifically a pumpkin ice cream malt with a chopped banana thrown into the mix. Damn! Thick and rich and malty the way a malt should be, it was so good I kept on going right through a brain freeze so bad my ears started bleeding.

6 thoughts on “No Scoop Here: Just Ice Cream Nirvana”

  1. You are making me crave a trip to Fosselman’s!

    I say it’s time for a field trip to Alhambra!

    Food at Shiau Mei (Kang Kang Food Court), dessert at Fosselman’s!

  2. Hmmmmmm…Pumpkin Ice Cream….-Drool-

    Don’t forget everybody that Soda Jerks in Pasadena serves the quite tasty Fosselman’s for those that can’t make the drive.

  3. Soda Jerks in Pasadena actually closed last month, as far as I know from what I’ve read online. The owner said something about wanting to reopen soon someplace close to the original location, but needing to close shop for the time being.

  4. Bummer! I just got back into town from traveling. But it’s okay, I’ll just focus on Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs until it reopens.

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