L.A. Observed’s Observer Observed

Since he’s too modest to mention it on his own blog (or popular enough that he doesn’t have to toot his own horn), allow me: Kevin Roderick of L.A. Observed scored some fine ink waxing about Wilshire Boulevard in a Q&A with Abel Salas in the Metropolis section of this Sunday’s L.A. Times Magazine. Why K-Rod and why Wilshire? Either it’s a terrific coincidence or it’s because he knows of what he speaks. Roderick has a coffee table-topper due next month from Angel City Press and titled Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Consourse of Los Angeles. Congrats Kevin!

2 thoughts on “L.A. Observed’s Observer Observed”

  1. I agree. Kevin was kind enough to give a plug to a new member of the Wonderland Networks this morning. When I went to have a look at what he posted (after reading the Sunday LAT) I was surprised to see that he hadn’t tooted his own horn.

    It was a good piece.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Will (and Rodger.) I wish I deserved it, but modesty played no part. I was simply slower than usual to indulge in shameless self promotion, as it was Sunday. The oversight has since been remedied

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