next stop: awesome

Hello, city of Los Angeles,

Look, I don’t want to presume . . . but lately you look a little congested and, well, tired. You could use a few things, like better public transportation, and a baseball team that makes it at least as far into the post season as The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim In The OC Who Want To Have Our Name For Reasons We Really Don’t Understand.

But we can work on all of that later. What you need right now, Los Angeles, is a good laugh.

That’s where I come in.

Tonight, and for the next six Saturday nights, you can come see me, and fellow author and BOB nominee Shane “Get that camera out of my face, I’m crying about the BoSox” Nickerson in Now That’s What I Call ACME, Volume One. The show starts at 8, the drinking starts at 8:05.

Come out and see us, Los Angeles, and when the show is over, we’ll go out to one of our oh-so-stylish clubs and talk about The OC behind its back.

2 thoughts on “next stop: awesome”

  1. After the way the Dodgers played this season, you can have the “Los Angeles” part back. It’s sort of dragging us down.

    Later from “The OC” (Besides I hate that show, but I digress).

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