Explosives in Westwood

I know there’s a really good reason why I left Westwood as soon as my two years living on campus in the dorms ended. I didn’t return even when I had the opportunity to move into shiny, new graduate student apartments. The primary reason always rested on noisy students, extreme difficulty to find parking for guests, and very high rents for mediocre apartments.

I think now I’ll add bombs in apartment buildings to the list.

Shortly after 1 p.m. today, the Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad detonated an explosive device outside the Midvale Plaza apartment building on the 500 block of Midvale Avenue after residents said they heard a small explosion earlier in the day.

2 thoughts on “Explosives in Westwood”

  1. Yikes! I used to live there. Even though it has noisy students and bad parking, Westwood still reigns supreme. I think there needs to be more “Westside” or Westwood representation in this Blog! Thanks for the UCLA updates, Cindy!

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