yet another insult from the governator

In addition to countless lies, denying basic civil rights to gays and lesbians, and calling an unnecessary special election with powergrabs that masquerade as “reform,” I present yet another reason Arnold Schwarzenegger makes me want to puke. Last week, while firefighters were battling the Topanga fire, the Governor flew in for a George Bush-esque photo-op, and several firemen say they were ordered to stand with him for the cameras.

It’s an outrageous insult to firefighters to force them to pose for a photo-op with this idiot, who is doing everything he can to silence their union with prop 75.

A few firefighters were bold enough to complain they were ordered to stand behind the governor against their will on the day of the news conference, KCAL 9ís Linda Breakstone reported. Seven more came forward Wednesday.

ìWe did not want to do it,î Los Angeles County firefighter Greg Alldredge said. ìThen it came down as an order directly from above.î

Firefighters were “ordered and forced” to participate, Alldredge said. Rank-and-file firefighters were very displeased with “having to shake hands with somebody who really doesn’t support us.î

Schwarzenegger’s press secretary says “No one from the governor’s office ordered anyone to do anything.

Could it have come from his campaign office, and not his Sacramento office? I guess it could depend on what your definition of “office” is.

Updated: via comments, I see the Governor’s incredibly compassionate, thoughtful, appreciative responseto the firefighters’ criticism:

Schwarzenegger later brushed off criticism of the stunt. He says everybody is ordered to do things at one point or another. He also pointed out that “as a matter of fact, in one of my movies, I played a firefighter.”

It’s almost like the word “asshole” was invented specifically for him. He played a firefighter once in a movie, and we’re supposed to believe that fact is somehow relevant to anything.

Well, actually, it is. It shows how arrogant, out of touch, and clueless this coddled celebrity who’s playing governor actually is.

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