Clap Your Hands Say Huh?

I heard last night that today’s Clap Your Hands Say Yeah performance at UCLA is exclusively for students and faculty.

Checking the band’s official website, the fine print for the show indicates that it’s “…a closed show for students only.”

And the comments for the show’s listing at describe it as being held at Bruin Plaza, “…a big free show in the middle of campus.”

So my question is how the heck would a student-only policy be enforced? Would they have to queue through checkpoints where student IDs are checked and wristbands given? That sounds like a lot of extra work to enforce the policy.

Remember… “No fatties.”

3 thoughts on “Clap Your Hands Say Huh?”

  1. that’s funny. had the show actually happened, i think it would’ve been free for all – no wristbands, no student ID checkpoints in sight. The stage was setup in the plaza outside the bookstore.

    sadly, it never happened. (I would love to cite a link to an article here but this form will not let me. UCLA no-show details @ losanjealous dot com.)

  2. one of the guys in the band made mention of it at the show friday night at the troubadour. he was nice enough and apologetic about it — apparently the backline that was supposed to be there wasn’t — and promised they’d come back and do it in the spring.

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