I had a dream last night that the Red Sox and the Angels were both eliminated in the first round of the MLB playoffs. Okay, I’m lying. I had a dream that the Red Sox lost three straight to the White Sox and that the Angels went on to beat the Yankees in this first round and then eventually on to win the World Series.

I have no problem with the Angels, in theory. I think they are a talented team. They play in a great stadium (although the rally monkey thing should really go away), plus, they have good coaching and nice fans. And that’s the problem. You guys are too nice. “Fan” is short for “Fanatic.” You Angels fans are just kind of happy about your team. You’re not fanatics.

Red Sox fans own you. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof from the most recent Angels/Red Sox series in Anaheim. Keep that in mind when you’re watching this: THIS IS IN ANAHEIM. It’s the last out before the Red Sox win the game. Schilling is on the mound.


A visiting team’s fans louder than the home team’s fans? That’s some crap you’d never hear at Fenway. I’m just saying.

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  1. Yes, the OC does have it share of Posers. We have the Yankee posers, who probably have not been to New York in their entire adult lives, we have the Boston Posers, and we have the Dodger Posers (Hey, it’s the OC).

    Everytime I’ve been to a Angels/Yankees or Angels/Red Sox game there is always a small group of liqured up fans that don’t shut up. Now only if we could get Angel fans to do the same (well with beer prices lower then average…)

    I’ve been to Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park, don’t get me wrong, both are stadiums of significant historical value to Baseball, but the actual east coast fan (and not the poser verity) is a diffrent animal then some of us in the OC. We have waken up a little bit as us Anaheim Angel fans have gotten used to winning, but I still see fans sitting on their hands from time to time.

  2. Nothing says poseur like “The Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles. They can suck it until their managment gets the name straight.

  3. I second you on that one. I hate the name and it just shows that Arte is being a poseur by trying to add Los Angeles to the name.

    It’s funny reading all of the press coverage during the playoffs and they say “In Anaheim… the LA Angels… Anaheim Angels… Los Angeles…” its just the confusion that Arte wanted.

  4. Saw a great tee shirt at the Garbage concert at the O.C. Fair in July…

    Big block letters: L.A.F.D.
    below in small font: (of Anaheim)

  5. I was at that game and I was ashamed to be an Angels fan. Local were outnumbered three to one easily. It’s how the season ticket holders make back their money in the regular season. When Boston or New York or even the Cubs in interleague play come to town they know they can get a premium selling to the expatriots. And at the box office, the fans of those teams would be the ones more likely to buy way in advance.

    In the post-season it returns to somewhat normalcy. With the season ticket holders going to the big games.

    It’s more of a southern california problem. With people not embracing their new home, rather clinging to their old teams.

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