Giraffe Dog!


Um, is this not the cutest halloween costume for a dog you’ve EVER seen? What dog doesn’t need to be a giraffe for the upcoming holiday? Of course it’s from Puppies and Babies who are offering for sale some of the best dog costumes I’ve seen (and non of those creepy front paws as arm ones either). Other costumes include an alligator, a french maid, a king, and a witch. Too…die…for…

7 thoughts on “Giraffe Dog!”

  1. Hey Rachel… Chill. A little levity, like costumes for dogs can bring a light & humorous relief.

  2. I don’t know what makes me a worse person – the fact that I totally don’t care about people in New Orleans or that I would subject my dog to a giraffe costume. I wonder if they have troll outfits…

  3. I think the troll means we should be sending giraffe costumes to the Gulf Coast.

    Of course, Rachel the Troll managed to stop wailing and gnashing her teeth to post a snippy post on a fucking blog. That’s showing solidarity with the homeless! I’m surprised the sackcloth and ashes don’t cake up your keyboard too much to type.

    Of course, googling up “rachel cohen” shows that Ms. Cohen enjoys trolling blog posts here. Either that or she’s just generally pissed off at life and spends all her time indoors, online, and spreading her special brand of vitriol. On a blog.

  4. I think this is really cute. A friend of mine posted a story about his dog and dressing him up… I think you will love it. To see “Stoggie” the dog… he is on haney farm.

    Thanks for such a cute photo.

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