Fiona Apple At Tower Records…

DSC_5229dx.jpgYou know, often times, I can get really discouraged about shooting live musical performances, what with the hassle, stress, aggrevation, and drama involved, not to mention the lack of sleep the morning afterward.

Which was why seeing Fiona Apple last night at Tower Records on Sunset in West Hollywood was a really special moment since everything actually went smoothly… at least once I got inside the store.

Oh sure, there was the craziness involved in waiting in line at Tower on Tuesday morning for wristbands, which caused me to get to the store on Thursday afternoon rather early… to the point where I wound up being first in line. And security apparently misinterpeted the sign that said “No photography while in line for autographs” to mean “No photography altogether.”

But once I got inside and scrambled to find a suitable spot close to the stage, I broke out the telephoto lens (to zoom past the people standing in front of me), and fired away once Fiona was onstage. I was in the proverbial zone, pushing back the thoughts of how cramped I was with everyone around me, which also caused the heat in the room to jump upwards in leaps and bounds.

And it wasn’t just her performance with producers Jon Brion on guitar and Mike Elizondo on upright bass (I guess there’s no tension between them), but the vibe from the crowd as well.

I expect video to show up on her official website, not to mention interview footage, on the local and cable network channels in the coming days.

More photos here.

UPDATE: Wireimage’s photos are here.

UPDATE #2: Photo links updated.

(And yes, I rewrote this article. Consider this to be the re-worked version of Extraordinary Machine.)

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  1. Lucky bum! :)Great pics.

    I got to see her perform a few songs at the Katrina benefit concert a few weeks ago. She’s awesome.

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