On A Clear Day Redux

Last week’s Santa Ana winds caused me to wax apoplectic about the extraordinarily crisp and sharp visibility around the L.A. Basin, a condition promptly ruined by the smoke and ash first from the Chatsworth/Topanga wildfire and then a second one that erupted in the Verdugo Mountains north of Burbank.

Well, thanks to some serious excellence in firefighting those fires have been 100% contained, but now the Santa Anas are playing an encore, bringing with them hot, dry jitters of new conflagrations as well as a replay of the crystal clear views available around town. And this time around I brought my camera to capture one of my favorite views from above the Hyperion Pass in Silver Lake stretching from the Verdugos on the left across the San Gabriels almost to Mt. Baldy on the right (click the thumborama to supermagnobiggify).

3 thoughts on “On A Clear Day Redux”

  1. Great pic! Did you stitch that together completely by hand, or do you have a tool that helps?

    Growing up at the foot of Mt. Baldy (properly, Mt. San Antonio), it was days like this we’d look to the west and almost be able to reach out and touch the buildings downtown.

  2. There is also a great program called PhotoStitch that you can use to merge digital photos. The program was developed by Canon, but you can use it for any .jpg photos. It makes montages as well as cylindrical panoramas; accepts images from non Canon digital cameras, film print scans and other scanned images; multiplatform – Linux, Macintosh or Windows; autostitching features if using a Canon Digital Camera; allows various image formats to be saved jpeg, tiff, pict, bitmap, QuickTime VR.

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