Never a dull moment…

Just back from covering Hurricane Rita, Bryan Frank barely got a chance to catch his breath before hitting the streets on his next assignment — smaller in scope, but nevertheless still fascinating. A James-Ellroy-novel kind of fascinating:

So anyway, a torso is found in a dumpster. I saw the footage that couldn’t be shown on air of it being pulled out of the dumpster and that was interesting, but not as interesting as where the dumpster was located….It was found inside a maintenance yard for the Los Angeles Fire Department. The yard is secure, barbed wire is mounted along the top of the fence that surrounds it and video security cameras are positioned on the rooftop.

I wanna know what happens next, of course, since I’m a James Ellroy fan, but I’m also a Bryan Frank fan. Here’s an example of why. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the titillation, the scandal, the horror, or the celebrity. It isn’t about the image on the TV screen, either. It’s about the eye behind the camera, the human who is looking at the scene for all of us:

Every day I face the possibility of being assigned a case that might be difficult to handle emotionally. I deal with these things with a professional attitude and I just try to get the job done.

Don’t let him kid you. He doesn’t just try to get the job done. He gets it done well.