Major Mix-Up…

Via Studio Briefing:

Fans of the Mormon boy band Everclean were taken aback (and affront, it would seem) when they popped the video of the group’s Sons of Provo into their DVD players and discovered a movie entitled Adored: Diary of a Porn Star instead, the Salt Lake City Deseret Morning News reported today (Wednesday). Deseret Book Co. told the newspaper that it had removed the film from its shelves. Apparently the mix-up occurred after the producers of Adore and Sons of Provo each hired the same Los Angeles-based company to produce the DVD copies and distribute them. “This is hugely damaging,” said George Dayton, head of business affairs for HaleStorm, the company that produced Son of Provo. Although Adored was described as a “heartwarming film about a porn star” and not a porn film itself, Dayton said that it matters little “whether it’s some soft-core title or whatever. … This title doesn’t lend itself to good, clean family or LDS [Church of Latter Day Saints]-centered entertainment.”

Wonder which L.A.-based company was responsible for this?