We Can Park If We Want To. We Can Leave That Show Behind

Huzzah! UPN has cancelled the Sliver Lake-set show Love, Sex and Secrets. I never actually watched it, so I can’t personally confirm whether or not it was as bad as I’ve heard. Nonetheless, its a sweet day for me because they’ve been taking up the parking on my block several days a week. I don’t mind the occassional incovenience for local production. But these guys had practically moved in. Sayonara! Now they can go join the local record store owner who just happens to be able to see dead people.

3 thoughts on “We Can Park If We Want To. We Can Leave That Show Behind”

  1. Three Really Loud Cheers! They were filming at a location on Parkman a few weeks ago and their trucks were bogarting most of the west side of the street’s parking.

    Shame they couldn’t have followed in the short-lived “Pasadena” series’ footsteps from a couple years ago and filmed in Vancouver.

  2. Yes, it’s always good to have fellow citizens thrown out of work. And shooting here–no, send that money to Canada. Don’t you guys think about this stuff? I know that parking is the be-all and end-all of a Silverlaker’s existance,but more unemployment seems a pretty stiff price to keep you guys happy.

  3. OK who farted? Oh, it’s just “Rachel.”

    Personally I’m all for letting Canadites work on crap shows for a few weeks before being thrown out of work, too… at least then them there U.S. of A workers’ unemployment checks wouldn’t get disrupted by the short change in status.

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