Taming the Pizza Monkey

So I just got home from a couple of weeks out of the country….and I’m so jonesing for a pizza. My typical routine is to call Prizzi’s, a pizza/pasta joint down the hill that delivers. But they’ve jacked their prices and now to get a large pizza with three toppings costs around $28.00!!!!
Where or where can a poor girl go to get her cheap pizza fix these days? Preferably in Hollywood, but
all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I’m sure you just ignited a firestorm of debate, but I whole-heartedly recommend Pizzetta. It’s a little place about a block W of Fairfax, just a few doors N of Santa Monica. It’s seriously totally awesome and everybody I’ve rerferred there has agreed.


    If you’re in the mood to come down to Echo Park, Pizza Buona on Alvarado/Sunset is good as well. We order from them about once a week.

  2. Tammara, I still stand by my entry in last year’s “Best Of” we compiled: the take-and-bake pizza’s at the Sunset & Virgil Vons are $7 (use to be $5 on Fridays) and excellent.

  3. I’ll check out Pizzeta…sounds good…and Will, the thing is when I want pizza, I want someone else to make it. Yeah, I”m that lazy when I’m working. The thought of opening the oven door, etc is just too much stress. But I will give it a try sometime, when I’m more energetic

  4. My favorite is Albano’s on Melrose. They do deliver, but I have no idea how far. Real New York pizza, if you like that sort of thing.

  5. It might be a bit far, but Nicky D’s on Rowena in Silver Lake is incredible stuff. They have a clam, garlic, and bacon pizza that sounds like too much, but is heavenly. They made all the pre-game pizza for the Dodgers locker room this year, so just be sure not to play competitive sports after eating this stuff.

  6. Can’t tell exactly where you are, but Hard Times in Silverlake is good and well-priced (BBQ chicken pizza is my fave–and good antipasto, too), Palermo on Vermont is always good and cheap, and Farfalla makes some terrific pizzas (a trifle more $, but worth it)–and all deliver. Good luck!

  7. three words: village pizzaria on larchmont. not even god himself could make a better pesto pizza.

  8. I’ve become a fan of D’Amore’s Pizza in Westwood. Their pizza is tasty, low on the grease factor, and comparatively healthy.

  9. It is true.
    Villiage Pizza is the best there is.
    Unfortunatly their delivery area goes no farther north than Santa Monica Blvd.
    I like Crispy Crust for delivery in Hollywood. Fast, cheap, and tasty (esp. the garlic chicken pie.)

  10. The best slice pizza in Hollywood is Al Forno, at Hollywood and Hudson/Schrader. HUGE 1/4-pie slices that drape luxuriously over the edges of the paper plate, thin and malleable enough to roll up or fold in half, but thick enough to bury your teeth in soft crust and generous layers of sauce and cheese.

  11. Yummy! Thanks for all the great suggestions! I can’t wait to drool and eat my way through this list….although it won’t be a pretty sight for my tight ass jeans!

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