Melrose Swap Meet

This weekend I finally made it over to the Melrose Swap Meet. I like the concept of swap meets, but for some reason I never go to them. Between strange knitting machines and old Masonic membership cards I met R. Hutcheson, a very interesting artist who entranced me with stories.

The bright colors in R. Hutcheson’s painting caught my eye and drew me over to his display. The characters he paints have an unreal circus like quality that appeals to my feliniesque senses.

As we were looking at the paintings, Bob pointed out one that had a girl with pink eyebrows and a chicken pulling down her panties, Norton Salt style. Apparently this Russian pop star with painted on pink eyebrows came into the swap meet one day, saw his work and told him to paint her with a chicken biting her on the butt. The result is pop-surreal.

There were more stories to hear, but we were on a hotdog mission. I’ll definitely have to go back and hear more stories. Bob’s painting are amazingly unique and interesting and so is he.

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  1. I think that you are thinking of the coppertone girl. The salt girl has an umbrella and her underwear intact.

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